Lingual braces are completely invisible because we place them on the back of the teeth instead of the front. This is the number one reason people choose this method of braces for correcting orthodontic issues. Lingual braces are most commonly used by adults who are lingual braces concerned about aesthetics

Not All Orthodontists Offer Lingual Braces 

Not all orthodontists offer lingual braces for two reasons:

  1. An orthodontist is required to get further education from the American Lingual Orthodontic Association to learn how to use the tools needed for the application.
  2. All lingual braces are custom-engineered for each patient, and the doctor must learn how to do this as well.

Love Orthodontics is proud to say that Dr. Grewal has received specialized training and is authorized to offer lingual braces as an additional option for those who qualify for this type of treatment.