National Orthodontic Health Month

Fall is here, but it’s not just about pumpkin spice and Halloween costumes. October is also National Orthodontic Health Month, and we’re diving into the intriguing history of orthodontics. (Not to mention, reminding you to stay away from hard, sticky, or chewy candy that might damage your braces this Halloween.)

Ancient Orthodontics – A Fascinating Discovery!

Did you know that the quest for straight teeth dates back to ancient civilizations like the EgyptiansEtruscansGreeks, and Romans? Archaeologists have even found mummies with metal or gold wires around their teeth. Experts think that it was for preserving their teeth during burial, and thankfully not while they were alive, because it looks painful!

French Orthodontic Contributions – Ooo, la la!

Fast forward to the 17th and 18th centuries in France, where orthodontic work began to resemble today’s practices. Pierre Fauchard, laid the foundation for orthodontics and invented the Bandeau, a horseshoe-shaped device (similar to a mouthguard) to hold teeth in place. Later, Etienne Bourdet, the King of France’s dentist, enhanced the Bandeau and discovered that removing rear wisdom teeth could prevent crowded teeth. Which is still a common issue even today.

The 19th Century Leap

The 19th century marked a significant leap in orthodontics, with the use of precious metals, steel, and gum rubber to straighten teeth. Rubber bands for braces made their debut in 1850. The American Association of Orthodontists was founded in the 29th century, along with remarkable advancements in orthodontic treatments.

More Modern Options

In the past, metal braces were individually wrapped around each tooth, but by the 1980s, braces and bands began to evolve. Advanced materials began to move teeth faster and more precisely. The late 80s introduced invisible braces, followed by Invisalign in the late 90s, offering you an easier and less painful path to a straighter smile!

Orthodontic Innovation at Love Orthodontics

At Love Orthodontics, we’re all about helping you achieve your dream smile. As you now know, Orthodontics have come a long way since the beginning. We specialize in the most modern and innovative braces and offer a range of choices, including:

  • Traditional braces
  • Invisalign (clear, removable trays)
  • Clear ceramic braces
  • Self-ligating braces (less metal, no rubber bands)
  • Lingual braces (hidden behind your teeth)

Free Consultations

Even though we offer free consultations all year long, we want to invite you to celebrate National Orthodontic Health month by experiencing the joy of a beautiful, healthy smile with our free consultation. It includes an exam, x-rays, and a precise treatment assessment. We’re here to explain your options, answer your questions, and ensure you’re comfortable with care, costs, and payment plans. No commitment is required when you come in for a consultation. We’re here to help you shine!