Advantages of Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are similar to traditional metal braces except that they are made out of porcelain instead of metal. They are a good option for those who want their braces to be less conspicuous or are concerned about how braces will affect their appearance. These braces are either completely clear in color, or they can be tinted to better match your tooth color. Click HERE to learn more about clear braces.

The mechanics of ceramic braces are the same as metal. They consist of brackets that attach to the teeth, an arch wire that connects all of the braces together (and allows movement of the teeth), along with plastic or rubber bands which keep the arch wire attached to the individual brackets on the teeth.

With ceramic braces, the arch wire can be frosted or white in color which makes them even less noticeable. Also, you can choose for the plastic bands to be white or clear for an almost invisible look!

Another advantage to ceramic braces is that they are less irritating to the mouth and gums and have an easier adjustment period.

Smile with Confidence

A lot of adults shy away from braces because they do not want metal braces to interfere with their appearance especially if they are in professional careers or concerned about their overall image.   Because ceramic braces are so much less noticeable than traditional braces, they can be a perfect option.

For teenagers or young adults, ceramic braces can be a great alternative for those who might be embarrassed wearing traditional metal braces.

Ceramic braces give you the confidence to wear braces along with the peace of mind that you are improving your health. Orthodontics can provide so much more than a beautiful smile. Proper tooth and jaw alignment provide the foundation for overall health.

Braces Keep You Healthy

Teeth will be less susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. Addressing bite issues or jaw misalignments will prevent other health problems such as jaw pain, headaches, or tooth pain.

Additionally, braces will provide your face with symmetry which will make you more attractive and confident!

Care for Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are strong and non-porous. While they are stain resistant, they do require a little more care to keep them stain free.   Over time, coffee, tea, colas, or other darker pigmented foods and beverages could cause your ceramics to yellow a bit.

To avoid this, we recommend that you brush your teeth after eating or drinking. Of course, this isn’t always possible, so a good rinsing of the mouth will work too.

This will also prevent the plastic bands from discoloring, though these are always changed out with new ones when braces are adjusted.

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